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Introducing “Simultaneous Settlement” with Jared Strauss of Debt Relief á la Carte

In May 8, 2013

Regular readers of The ZipDebt Blog know that I have been telling consumers for many years they can negotiate their own debt settlements. I’ve personally taught thousands of people to handle their own settlement project with tremendous success, and I have numerous client testimonials to back up that claim. However, there is no question that Read More …


  1. Hi Charles.
    I paid off a payday loan last year. After reading your blog I see I did everything wrong. When it come to debt collectors I get very uncomfortable. Guilt I think is the main culprit. Anyway I kept asking for a settlement letter which I never got and then I kept asking for a paid in full letter which I never got either. Today I received a phone call from another debt collector trying to collect on this debt I have already paid off. They tell me the burden of proof lies with me. I called the old collector and as usual they said they would email me the letter right away which of course has not arrived. I also have an old debt which is over 7 years old. I do need help but I am not sure that I need the premium package. Which package would be best for a debter that does not owe lots of money but is very ignorant of what to do? thanks

    • Don, if the debt is 7 years old, it may be past the Statute of Limitations. Check the SOL period for your state. Many states are 4-6 years, some shorter, some much longer. If the debt has not expired and you would like some help, then I’d suggest the Basic Program ($197) to start. That includes the training course plus a telephone session to review your situation and discuss strategy. Depending on that analysis, it may or may not make sense to upgrade for additional support.

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