Debt Settlement Letters – Myths & Misunderstandings Galore!

In October 14, 2011

In my 14 years as a debt settlement professional, I’ve reviewed thousands upon thousands of debt settlement letters. Last year alone we had about 1,200 of them to review and approve on behalf of our clients. If there is one subject I know well, it’s how to document a settlement! There is nothing especially difficult about it, but I continue to be astonished at the amazing amount of bad information floating around Read More …


  1. If a settlement. doesn’t have an account number is it legal.

    • Tiffany, it’s not a question of being “legal” or not. It’s a question of properly documenting the settlement. If there is no indication of an account number on the letter, then there would be no way to prove later on that you have settled this specific account. So I would never accept a settlement letter that did not clearly and properly identify the account to be settled.

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