Debt Assignment – Just Another Scam

In August 27, 2008

In my post of February 29, I discussed a “new” variation on the debt elimination scam I’ve frequently written about in various blog posts and articles. I put “new” in quotes because it’s not new at all. Read More …


  1. Yes makes sense. However why arent people looking up federal law which states, its against federal law for a bank to lend its own credit?? Hmmm… wonder how they got away with that one??

  2. Gerri, thanks for your comment. In my view, the citation of case law is really intended
    to fool the victims rather than the creditors and/or courts that are on the receiving
    end of these bogus “assignment” documents!

  3. This reminds me of a credit repair scam that was circulating some twenty years ago. The television ad showed a well-dressed gentleman pointing to a “law” that gave you the “right” to good credit. If you looked up that law, however, you would find it had to do with a foreign adoption of a particular child, and nothing to do with credit.

    Unfortunately, none of his clients bothered to look it up. Their loss, his gain.

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