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In March 13, 2014
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This post is intended to provide a forum for ZipDebt clients to post comments about their experience with the program. Recently, I spoke to a person interested in my program, and they told me that they didn’t bother to read any of the testimonials on my site because “everybody fakes testimonials.” Well, that’s probably true of many (if not most) debt-related websites. Not so with ZipDebt. ALL of my testimonials are real. No need for faking it here. But it gave me the idea of providing a way for clients to write in and post comments on their own.

Feel free to write about your experience of handling your own negotiations with training and coaching by yours truly.

Two simple ground rules for posting your feedback:

1. Please do not mention bank names or the names of collection agencies. (Two reasons for this: One, I don’t want to get drowned in blog-spam by debt collectors who work for said companies, or notices from their legal departments, etc. Two, settlement percentages are a moving target, and a bank/agency that settles for 30% today may stick with 50% tomorrow, and vice versa.)

2. Please do not include website links or html tags in your posts.

3. No profanity please (however tempting it may be to dump on your favorite debt collector). :-)

Otherwise, please feel free to relate as much or as little as you care to share with others. The main purpose here is to help the folks who are struggling with their decision about whether to use this strategy in their situation.


  1. Charles is truly amazing!
    I recommend using him if you want to save yourself a lot of headaches and money.

  2. Charles is amazing!
    I recommend using him if you want to save yourself lots of headaches and money.

  3. In June of 2013 we were facing $143,000 in credit card debt on 8 different cards. Medical expenses, loss of income and sudden home foundation issues had pushed us over the cliff of solvency. Minimum payments were no longer even possible. We were in desperate financial shape; the dread I felt in my gut whenever I thought about what was happening to us was overwhelming.

    In the process of researching our options (bankruptcy, debt consolidation services etc…) we came across Charles Phelan’s website, ZipDebt. Honestly, it seemed too good to be true, but there it was, in black and white, a road map out of unending debt. The more we learned, the more I couldn’t wait to get started. Just listening to the Cds had a calming, grounding effect on me – it gave me hope. The short of it is, within one year of starting his program we were able to successfully settle $143,000.00 of debt for $42,000.00 – right around 30%. I’m still amazed.

    While it was a challenging year at times, ultimately I came away feeling incredibly empowered by the process. Every step of the way, via email or phone, Charles was there for me. There is great comfort knowing that the person guiding your journey to a debt-free future has successfully helped thousands of others do exactly the same.

    You can believe each of these testimonials.
    This is the real deal. You’ve come to the right place.
    We will always be grateful to Charles Phelan for his patience and expertise.

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  5. So here you are in serious financial trouble and every debt relief website/program that you go to seems to present possibilities that could leave you even worse off than you are now. (Yes, after paying for two or more years in some other programs, you can lose all you’ve paid and be back to square one just by missing a payment.) But if your story is like mine or any other of the people who have added theirs here, you should stop right now and take a long sigh of relief.

    I know this sounds like an advertisement…..but wait. Before I wrote this I read the previous customer comments. When I read them before using ZipDebt I thought that what was claimed could not possibly be completely true (at least not without a lot of misery and the possible threat of lawsuits for not making payments, etc.) But upon reading the comments from the other side, having reduced $35,000 worth of credit card debt to $11,000, and having had the pleasure of working with Charles, I can readily see that not only is there no exaggeration, but why all of these people really want to share their experiences for others. I could relate to something in every person’s comment and had difficulty coming up with something new to say. I kept reading and saying …yes…yes…yes…. and if you want to end your debt headache, that’s what you should say to Charles and ZipDebt. Trust Charles, do exactly as he says, and get ready to help yourself out from under this burden. It’s not simple and requires effort on your part, but in a little over a year this could be gone. Charles’ knowledge, insight, and experience are exactly what you need to help you talk to the people you are going to deal with. You can always count on a swift response from Charles with the all-important knowledge of what you can expect in respone from creditors. I felt a tremendous advantage in knowing ahead of time what I was going to say in response to what I knew they (the creditors) were going to say. I can only add what all of the others have said………Thanks, Charles !!!

    I settled $52,117 for $16,740 (32%). The original balances were approximately $46,000. There were 11 total accounts, with 8 different creditors. All of the accounts were credit cards, except 1 credit union “signature” unsecured loan (intended to be debt consolidation loan). One of my accounts was sold to a debt purchaser. Some of the accounts were in my name, some in my wife’s name; I was able to negotiate all the accounts once my wife gave authorization. My financial hardship was that I experienced loss of income through the recession, including pay cuts, reduced hours, and finally layoff. When I was employed again, I decided to try and tackle the debt problem from the previous damage. For settlement funds, I stopped $1,100/mo I was using toward debt payments, set that aside and supplemented with 401k withdraws. The settlements ranged from 25%-50% and were all completed within 1 year. I was not sued, and I never felt that a lawsuit was imminent.
    Top reasons to sign up with Charles:
    1. Savings – Charles was remarkably accurate in knowing what each creditor would settle for. If I was doing it on my own, I would have left alot on the table. Well worth the fee he charges.
    2. Peace of Mind – Charles has a couple of strategies that will save you alot of headaches when dealing with the debt collectors. By following his procedures you can deal with the collectors on your own terms, and it will be much less stressful.
    3. Confidence – Charles provides all the knowledge you need about the process so that you know what to expect. He also offers encouragement that instills confidence that you can win the debt settlement battle.
    4. Expertise – Charles will review all your documents, so you know that all of the settlements are proper and you won’t get double talked or swindled.
    5. Customer Service – Charles always responded promptly to any inquiries or document review.

    I enrolled in the 1 year program in 2/2013 and completed my last settlement 1/22/2014.
    Our family thanks you!

  7. In May 2011 my wife and I settled our accounts of $133k across 10 credit cards for 37% of the original balances using Charles’ program. Life got a lot better afterwards and we were able to move on from a difficult chapter. We also followed the credit recovery tips Charles provided. We didn’t have much success in getting derogatory marks removed (maybe one or two) but adding new positive credit history was enough to significantly improve our credit scores. My score at the moment is 684 and climbing, my wife and I have been able to get car loans and refinance our mortgage at good rates. If you look at a 18 month to 2 year window, credit recovery using Charles’ program is absolutely realistic. I would definitely recommend the program to someone struggling with debt.

  8. My $81,000 in unsecured credit cards and $54,000 business line of credit came up during couples counseling before I married in June of 2010. I had been robbing Peter to pay Paul during the Great Recession. Debt settlement was mentioned as a possibility by our church counselors.

    I found Zipdebt online and started the process of defaulting and settlement in 2011. I had to borrow some funds from my siblings and from my wife to make the first settlements for less than 30% before charge-off.

    My goal of becoming debt-free without filing bankruptcy kept me going in my small contracting business while I saw others biting the dust.

    I was able to stall a couple of banks on two $18,000 debts using the validation technique, but they eventually came back around — one with an instate lawyer. These older cards settled for 50% at the end of 2013 through their lawyers/collection agencies.

    Along the way I had defaulted on my $88,000 underwater second mortgage. After two “foreclosure” attempts and one summons on a breach of contract suit I was finally able to settle that mortgage with lots of help from Charles for $7,035.

    All in all Charles helped me settle $222,970 in debt including the second lien for $51,274–23%!

    We’re still married after all this, and still in the house, which has a workshop attached for my business.

    I recently bought health insurance since I had let it lapse during the settlement period.

    We are living modestly but I feel wealthy knowing that I can take a day off to spend with my family without worrying about how I am going to make my payments. Thanks for your patient and very informed coaching, Charles!

  9. A little over a year ago I found myself weighing the possibility of bankruptcy with over $120K in credit card debt and payments of $2,500 each month from 12 credit cards. As a senior with mounting debt and a declining income, I could no longer rob Peter to pay Paul. I found Charles’ website and took advantage of his free consultation. I saw all the satisfied people commenting on their positive experiences with Charles and decided to purchase the one year program.

    At the time of my initial consultation I was 3 months behind on 12 cards, having stopped making payments on all my cards the same month. I did not have a large cashflow to put toward a settlement fund, however, combining some funds with the savings of not making $2,500 a month in payments gave me a start.

    The result of working with Charles I was able to settle 5 cards before charge off and 7 cards past charge off. Two cards did start legal action with a summons at the door. One of these cards agreed to settle at 40% before a court date. The other offered a 24 month no interest payment plan on a balance of $7,100. They did not want to settle and since this was my final card remaining I took the payment plan to avoid going to court.

    To sum up my debt settlement journey with Charles help of emails and coaching. I had settlements ranging from 20% to 50% averaging 30% overall. Settlements added up to 36K including the 7K payment plan or 30% on total debt of 120K. Interesting, I found the larger 15K to 20K cards from major creditors were more willing to settle for 20% than the smaller 4K to 8K cards which took a few more months at higher rates. Most creditors gave me 3 months to pay the agreed settlement amount, helping me manage my small settlement fund.

    I am so glad to start the new year getting this financial problem behind me and the day to day stress of juggling card payments is over. You may have limited funds to settle as I did, but multiply 12 months times your total monthly payments you are saving and putting toward settling rather than in more payments.

    Don’t procrastinate anymore. Call Charles and get started. Anyone can do this and it is the best option available.

    Thanks again Charles for your timely emails and coaching along the way to a successful outcome in a little over 12 months. Happy New Year!

  10. This is a follow up of my 10-12-2012 post. We obtained two secured loans from two different credit unions for $1,000 each. We also got two secured credit cards which we pay in full every month. After six months we started to receive credit card offers. We declined all but Home Depot which was $1,000 with no interest for six months. We called and said we were helping our son remodel his first house. They gave us a $5,000 limit. We also were approved for an American Express – Costco card. This surprised me as I researched the card on the internet and found it was an excellent card but difficult to get. We got it at a Costco customer service desk in about ten minutes. Our latest accomplishment is getting a car loan from Navy Federal Credit Union on a vehicle we already owned for six months after purchasing for cash. 125% loan for $32,500 at 1.79% for 60 months. We used the money to pay back my brother’s 10% loan which saves us over $400 a month.

  11. I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the contribution Charles and the Debt Settlement Success Seminar made to improve and enhance my financial situation. My appreciation in the time you spent reviewing my personal financial crisis and a new perspective in finding a solution to this matter.

    A daily practice I did was to write & review everything on a weekly basis and reflect over them and take corrective action. The seminar provided the keys and strategies for overcoming the fear and indecisiveness we must encounter when we take things into our own hands.

    Therefore, I am really pleased with the step-by-step seminar coaching and will continue to practice the success principles and strategies acquired from your seminar. This is also a great listening tool.

    The completion of the debts I settled gave me time to reflect on the importance and value your knowledge has given me. I am deeply grateful and would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you. Debt settled in 11 months.

  12. Charles and his Zipdebt program truly changed my life. I came very close to filing bankruptcy before I found his program. I was able to settle my debts for between 15-40% and it was surprisingly painless. I felt so empowered by turning the tables on the companies that were hounding me relentlessly. Not only did I eradicate my credit card debt completely, I was able to eliminate my second mortgage completely and to start saving a significant amount of money. I now have a secured card which I use very sparingly and pay in full each month, just to rebuild my credit. There are not enough words to thank Charles for what he has done for me and my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Charles! You are a true gentleman.

  13. I can’t believe that just one year ago I was checking out this site, looking for answers. I couldn’t imagine ever letting myself miss a credit card payment. However, like so many before me I was nearing the end of the rope.

    What kept holding me back was “protecting my perfect credit.” With Charles’ help I got over that and starting thinking about my financial future.

    One year later I have settled over $102K in credit card debt for 34%. The added benefit was that once I let the credit score obsession go, I realized I could qualify for a hardship program for refinancing my house. My payments are now reduced by 25% with potential for more savings in a month or two.

    I wanted to write this as a testimonial to Charles, who has been terrific, and a voice of reason throughout the process. Also, as I have just settled all the debt, I had the courage to check my credit score. It turns out that it is terrible, as expected, but in this whole process, it only dropped 43 points.

    My debt was so significant that I had a terrible FICO score (albeit no missed payments!), and I was worried about maintaining that terrible score!! I was never late but I was digging into a hole, and I had to keep digging, until I couldn’t anymore.

    My advice is to stop digging, face the music and come out the other side a more focused and free human being.

    Charles’ advice is spot on. Just follow the lessons and keep to the script.

    This isn’t a get-out-of-jail free card for people to be serial defaulters. It is for people who get themselves in over their head.

    In one relatively painless year (or about that) you can come out the other end with no debt.


  14. I used Charles’ system in 2011 (see May 22, 2011 post), and settled a ton of debt for about 37%. I just wanted to report that earlier this year (2013), my credit score was back up to 700. (I did have a car loan and several mortgages that weren’t touched during the debt settlement, and that helped with the recovery.)

    But I’m still so impressed at what a useful tool Charles’ do-it-yourself program and coaching were. I hope many many more people take advantage of the program, instead of shelling out so much for the other guys.

  15. I just wanted to comment and thank you again for your help Charles. I am so SO thankful that google led me to you and I will continue to spread the word about your blog and about zipdebt. Thank you for being kind enough to listen to me and helping me out. I will be forever grateful! I wish you the best.THANK YOU CHARLES!

    Warm Regards,

    Lynette E.

  16. Charles,

    First let me tell you how pleased I am with your “coaching” service.  Your service has exceeded my expectations.  Not only have you helped me save money which paid for your fee many times over but you always respond in a timely and professional manner.  I feel you also help me get through the psychological stress of defaulting on debt for the first time in 63 years by keeping me on an even keel.  You keep the emotion out of the negotiation process and coach me to keep the debt settlement process a “business” deal and not an end of the world emotional upheaval like it could appear without you.

    Thanks seems like not enough!

  17. Being lucky enough to find a Charles Phelan through Google was literally a lifesaver. With so many scams out there it is obvious that I was skeptical at the beginning but your homework starts by reading the dozen of pages with great information he’s posted online to see that all makes sense and that this system has what you need to succeed. Before finding Charles I called a debt settlement office and I felt like when I go to buy a new car. They all are sharks. I made the mistake to give them my number and they wouldn’t stop calling me to invite me to their “settlement program.” Yeah right.

    Doing it yourself is the ticket, but you will need LOTS of advice from someone who knows and that person is Charles Phelan. The cost of his coaching will save you at least ten-fold the amount when you learn to negotiate yourself. Doing it yourself gives you a sense of empowerment that will help you through the process.

    I was lucky to talk to Charles. It isn’t easy. This isn’t a magical wand. You have to do the work yourself, but if you follow his advice you will succeed. I have to say that I never thought I could get rid of $100,000 of debt I had just a year ago. I was drowning in it. I settled for roughly 40% of what I owed in average. Charles’ help gave me my life back. He was always available. I followed his advice religiously. He knows his stuff. Thank you, thank you Charles!!!

  18. I was left with a lot of debt after my divorce that I could not afford in order to keep up with the mortgage and child support I needed to pay. This is why I turned to Charles and his debt relief program.

    Charles and the material he presents is absolutley top-notch. Everything unfolded for my situation exactly as Charles indicated it would.

    I would highly recommend this program to everyone out there in a financial crisis based on the great course material and fantastic customer service I received. Thank you Charles!!!

  19. I can attest to Charles being a very honest person. He called me today for a consultation and, knowing that he would NOT make a dime off me, he actually advised me that in my particular case, bankruptcy could be a better option than a settlement. He really seemed to care about helping me to achieve the best outcome for myself, and I appreciate his expertise and guidance so much. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Charles. If for any reason it seems like bankruptcy is not the best option, and I should go with a debt settlement, I will be ordering your program for SURE!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  20. I was faced with $55,000 of credit card debt on 16 credit cards. After being laid off from my well-paying job, it was becoming extremely difficult to make the minimum payments. I searched for a solution that would avoid bankruptcy. I stumbled upon ZipDebt’s website. After doing a good amount of research, it looked like a reasonable approach to rid myself of this pile of credit card debt. Since I had a severance sum of money to work with, I proceeded with the ZipDebt plan. Keep in mind, I am not the smooth talking salesman type of person and had some doubts about whether I could succeed at tackling the negotiating process. After going through Charles’ CD’s several times, I began the process of settling these accounts in March of 2012 and finished my last settlement in August of 2012. With Charles’ coaching on how to deal with each credit card/collection agency, I was amazed at how well I was able to negotiate settlements under 50% and with many at 30%. I highly recommend using the ZipDebt method to bring back financial peace of mind and stop the endless barely living paycheck to paycheck treadmill way of life. My credit rating is already back in the good range. I can’t thank Charles enough for all the help he provided and hope others will check out the ZipDebt method to find financial peace of mind as I did.

  21. Over a period of nearly 20 years my wife and I managed to build up and carry an increasing amount of credit card debt. Fortunately we both had good jobs and were able to keep making the minimum payments, but that only made the problem worse as our good credit rating allowed us to build up more and more debt. Eventually it became difficult to maintain even the minimum payments and we didn’t know how we could ever manage to get out from under all the debt we had foolishly accumulated over the years.

    After seeing it mentioned in an online forum (I don’t remember where now) I decided to look into the ZipDebt program. After checking out the free information on the website I went ahead with the free consultation to see if the program might work for us. This turned out to be the best decision we ever made.

    Here’s the bottom line – Charles’ ZipDebt program WORKS! We started the program in August, 2011, reached our first settlement two months later, and closed our final settlement in May, 2012. In less than a year we were able to settle $85,000 worth of debt on 12 different credit cards for just over $28,600 (a rate of 33.6%). Charles advice throughout this process was invaluable, he always knew what settlements were possible with each lender or agency, and everything went exactly as he said it would. I was actually surprised at how simple the process was in most cases, with Charles’ advice I was able to get the best possible settlement offers from most of our lenders without too much difficulty. In the end we reduced our monthly expenses by over $2,000 per month ($1,500 of which was wasted as finance charges) and now we have the money on hand to purchase what we need without resorting to credit cards.

    If you’re looking for a way out from under your debt without resorting to bankruptcy I urge you to contact Charles and see what his program can do for you. I’m glad every day that we did, he saved us far more than the cost of the program, and the peace of mind is priceless.

  22. Like most clients posting here our excellent credit was hit by the economy. We talked with a bankruptcy attorney but we had too much equity to throw away. Research, hours and hours of research convinced us that Zipdebt was the way to go. We paid $1,200 and never looked back. We were thinking the money could be used to pay off some of our debt but decided it was a good investment. Wow, was it ever a good investment.

    At first we dreaded the phone calls. We decided to have a positive attitude and answered all calls. It paid off and the callers were actually very pleasant. Over six months of calls we only had to tell two callers they were rude and hung up on them. The closer to six months you will find the callers become very friendly and keep in touch with their latest offers. We were scared to death as we had no money to settle with. Keep a positive attitude and keep thinking things will improve. They do. Ask anyone and everyone to help. Swallow your pride and find money to settle with. We never dreamed my brother had any assets to help us with. However, we told him we were willing to pay 10% for $50,000 over four years. 10% is nothing when we can save $225,000. I will get to that later. Anyway, he checked with his financial adviser and he agreed that taking money from his retirement fund was in his best interest. I was riding to a meeting with a person I only met two months earlier when my brother called and asked how much money I needed. $50,000 or even $100,000 was available. While my new friend was listening he saw an opportunity. I couldn’t believe it when he said that if my brother didn’t come through he would. I’m convinced he meant it as he asked me several times if I still needed money. Hang in there and never give up.

    Now for the good part. We settled $300,000 for $75,000, 26%. What scared us the most was the possibility of judgments. The biggest worry was a $100,000 line of credit. We thought they would take us to court rather than settle. Surprise, they were the first to offer to settle. $25,000 to settle $100,000. Cool. After the happy dance we went out to eat to celebrate. Soon our local restaurant hostess would see us walk in and ask if we settled another one.

    We feel that our hardship letter helped us get the best results. We explained our health issued and they seemed to listen. Going from $10,000 a month to credit cards to no credit card payments in six months is phenomenal. Our life has changed.

    Now we need to rebuild our credit. Again, research the internet. Secured loans and secured credit cards seem to be the best. Check them out. One other thing, we were told by the credit card companies that if we turned our accounts over to a debt settlement company they would not have talked with them. They want to deal with their customers not third party representatives. We called Charles our coach. Invest with Charles and let him be your coach. Good luck.

  23. Charles Phelan’s program is definitely the best one out there. My wife and I were in our mid sixties when we were devastated by the the recent financial crisis. Because of our age and state of health, the crisis was too much to weather. Bankruptcy was not acceptable as we had always maintained excellent credit keeping our debts down and paying all our bills on time. I decided to look into debt settlement as a viable option and must have researched every online program before finally enlisting the services of Charles Phelan. The initial consultation was highly informative and comprehensive. The coaching was ongoing and reassuring and resulted in total debt eduction of better than 65% with a cost that was just a fraction of other debt reduction programs. I heartily recommend Charles Phelan’s do-it-yourself debt elimination program to anyone looking for an honorable alternative to bankruptcy, especially senior citizens with limited options.

  24. Charles’ program is a lifesaver. I began the program with about $40,000 in credit card debt that ballooned to $45,552.15 and I was able, with the training, assistance, and coaching ZipDebt provides, to put all of that to bed once and for all for $14,811.00, an overall settlement percentage of 32.51%! Charles’ program turned a very bad financial situation post-divorce into probably the best financial situation I’ve been in. If you find yourself in a debt hole and something’s happened where you can’t find your way out, look into ZipDebt now; it’s the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.

  25. The zipdebt program worked perfectly for us. In 2010 me and my wife’s combined credit card debt was over $85,000 and today it is zero. We settled eight cards for an average of 23%. Amazing! I followed Charles directions to a tee. I told Charles at one point it was like having the other teams play book. I knew exactly what the card companies were going to do next. I waited to post until I saw how quick our credit recovered. Today our credit score has recoved to just under 700 and we were able to refiance our house at a 3.8% interest rate. I have no idea what we would have done without Charles. Can not thank Charles enough!

  26. Charles is a Master at what he does!! As as former financial “insider” he understands mysterious loaner/debtor relationship intimately. A master financial educator, he helped us level the playing field w/ big banks, walked us thru his guiding principles, so we were able to navigate the intentionally “murky” waters of credit card debt collection with a newly discovered consumer leverage we never thought we had, and the banks did not want us to know about.

    Bottom line: we saved approximately 80% on all but one credit card debt. Last but not least and just as Charles predicted, the last battle was the most difficult. But, so we’re moving month by month to the finish line with managing a negotiated interest free monthly payment that would not have covered the monthly interest on the original loan.

    We are forever “indebted” to you… Thank you, Charles!!!

  27. I’m going to recommend anyone that is deep in credit card debt to take up on Zipdebt coaching. Dealing with creditors can be a scary thing but not when you have Zipdebt on your side. I saved thousands of dollars with Charles guidance. So don’t think about it any longer and just do it. It’s money well invested.

  28. Where do I begin… Had a business investment go south on me due to a crooked business partner. All the money to fund the startup was on credit and I was left holding the bag. Ended up being $100,000 in debt with nowhere really to turn, and I did not want to claim bankruptcy, because I knew i’d end up paying most of all of it back anyways since I have a decent income. Doing some web searches on debt settlement led me Charles. At first I was skeptical, thinking this was some sort of Carlton Sheets like seminar or something. I scoured google to find negative reviews of the program, but I couldn’t find any. I looked up Charles’s BBB rating to see if it was in fact what he said it was (and it was). I figured hell, I’m 100K in debt, what’s another 1000, especially if there is a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work. So I bought the program and followed it as best I could. I was really pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness and attention I received from Charles and his assistant, Delpha. He gave me a coaching session and off I went. Between days 90 and 180 of the program (completely normal) the settlements started rolling in. I had 7 cards. 4 of them settled for 30%, two for 40%, and one for 50% saving me about 60,000. The uncanny part of it was that everything went down EXACTLY like the program said it was going to. This guy knows his stuff, there is no doubt about that. Time after time, he was proven correct (I was still skeptical even after the first settlement). I can’t say enough good about Charles and his company. I get emails responded to within 24 hours. They call when they say they are going to. It really is refreshing. To all your doubters out there. Trust this random guy on the interwebs and do this program if you have a lot of debt. You will not regret it.

  29. The Zipdebt program worked very well for me and my wife. We were $35k in debt to various credit cards, and now, at the end of the 6 month program, we have settled all our accounts for a average of a little under 45% of our debt. Charles has been very helpful and quick to respond via email whenever we had any questions. The quality of the program materials were very high, crystal clear, and they did a superb job of preparing us for the negotiation process. We would unreservedly recommend the Zipdebt program to anyone who is struggling with paying their debts.

  30. Thank you so much Charles for helping me navigate my way through credit card settlements. You and Delpha were professional and guided me every step of the way. I was very pleased with all my settlements and I estimate you helped me save over $30,000.00. I would highly recommend your service to anyone! Thanks Again!

  31. For my wife and I, Charles Phelan’s Zip Debt delivered exactly what he advertised: expert advice that helped us — his well-informed clients — settle debts for less than 30% of our outstanding balances. Due to medical issues and loss of income we owed approx $110,000 on a total of eight different credit card accounts. The Zip Debt approach was laid out clearly in the written and recorded materials and with Charles’ immediate and confident advice on questions about our particular circumstances, we followed it as precisely as possible. Charles was consistently available, prompt in his replies to us and extremely accurate in his predictions of how our negotiations with creditors would play out. When we were in a time-sensitive situation, he offered a way to meet our need for communication and support. It astonished us to see our negotiations play out almost exactly as his counsel indicated it would. In truth, we did better than he predicted in almost every negotiation. I attribute this to the understanding of the credit card industry that we developed by taking him at his word, and to how closely Charles worked with us at critical junctures in the process. At the same time, he was never over-reaching in his statements or advice. He just plain knows the field and was modest and honorable in all his statements to us about it. I can not imagine a better guide to the debt settlement process.

    Thank you, Charles.


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