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Can debt settlement help you? The simple truth is that it's best to handle your own debt settlement program, rather than pay someone else to deal with your creditors. By negotiating your own debt settlements, you'll save a money in debt relief company fees, decrease the risk of creditor backlash, and feel better about the process when you're done. The content on this website is aimed at helping consumers tackle their debt problems head-on. With some real-world information and a little expert coaching, you can avoid bankruptcy, bypass the expensive third-party debt relief companies, take control of your debts, and resolve your financial situation in a straightforward and rational manner. But first, you have to get un-brainwashed about how the different debt relief programs work. A lot of what you have been told is probably wrong or inaccurate. To start learning the real facts about debt settlement, other debt relief options and the Do It Yourself debt relief program, please read the free articles listed below.


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Consumer Reports is a well known reporting organization respected for their impartial and thorough analysis of products, services and companies has used ZipDebt as a source for their informative articles on Debt Relief.
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    What is Debt Settlement?

    Legal and proven

    Debt Settlement is a negotiation process with your creditors where you work out a lower payoff amount on the PRINCIPAL BALANCE of your debts. Debt Settlement has been used for decades, is legal and creditors are far more open to the process IF they deal directly with YOU, not a third-party debt settlement company.

    Settle Your Own Debts


    Why Settle Debts Yourself?

    no scam companies

    Contrary to the standard sales pitch for debt settlement services, you will get better results handling your own negotiations with proper guidance. By taking the DIY approach, you’ll save money, reduce litigation risk, and avoid getting scammed by unscrupulous companies.

    Do It Yourself Settlement


    Proven Results!


    ZipDebt’s Track Record Proves How Effective Our Approach Is Compared to Other Programs

    Very few debt relief firms publish real outcomes their clients have achieved. Instead they promote marketing hype. At ZipDebt, we believe in disclosing our client's results, so we publish our data openly on the ZipDebt Blog. We’re very proud of what our clients have accomplished with our coaching support. From 2010 through mid-2013, ZipDebt clients self-negotiated settlements on more than $32 million of unsecured debt, with savings exceeding $21 million.

    Debt Settlement Results

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    Download Our Free Guides

    LearN how it works

    Charles Phelan has created two Credit Card Debt Relief guides for you to use absolutely free. The first provides a no-nonsense discussion of debt settlement as it compares to other popular options for debt relief, such as bankruptcy, credit counseling, and debt consolidation. The second guide focuses on the unique challenges faced by individuals and small businesses with unsecured debts approaching $100k or more.

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ZipDebt Testimonials - See our proud and extensive collection of customer reviews and testimonials

  • "You can see that Charles doesn't need any more endorsements! But here's mine for what it's worth. Due to the ups and downs of our business and the economy, we accumulated over $200,000 in credit card debt with 20 cards and $4000+ a month in minimum payments. I had a perfect payment record my whole life. But I knew this was the end of the line. After reading up on the internet and calling one of the "scam companies" (and avoiding the trap), I stumbled upon Charles' website ZipDebt. What a God-send and an answer to our prayers. I knew I was lucky and went for it. Charles was for real and I knew it–this guy knows his stuff, and cares. I went for the full program and it's totally worth it and more.." Read full testimonial here

    Roy, Do It Yourself Success Story

    "I was faced with $55,000 of credit card debt on 16 credit cards. After being laid off from my well-paying job, it was becoming extremely difficult to make the minimum payments. I searched for a solution that would avoid bankruptcy. I stumbled upon ZipDebt’s website. After doing a good amount of research, it looked like a reasonable approach to rid myself of this pile of credit card debt. Since I had a severance sum of money to work with, I proceeded with the ZipDebt plan. Keep in mind, I am not the smooth talking salesman type of person and had some doubts about whether I could succeed at tackling the negotiating process. After going through Charles’ CD’s several times, I began the process of settling these accounts in March of 2012 and finished my last settlement in August of 2012. With Charles’ coaching on how to deal with each credit card/collection agency.... Read full testimonial

    John Do It Yourself Success Story

  • "Being lucky enough to find a Charles Phelan through Google was literally a lifesaver. With so many scams out there it is obvious that I was skeptical at the beginning but your homework starts by reading the dozen of pages with great information he’s posted online to see that all makes sense and that this system has what you need to succeed. Before finding Charles I called a debt settlement office and I felt like when I go to buy a new car. They all are sharks. I made the mistake to give them my number and they wouldn’t stop calling me to invite me to their “settlement program.” Yeah right."
    Read full testimonial here

    Elias, Do It Yourself Success Story

    "Charles’ program is a lifesaver. I began the program with about $40,000 in credit card debt that ballooned to $45,552.15 and I was able, with the training, assistance, and coaching ZipDebt provides, to put all of that to bed once and for 0ll for $14,811.00, an overall settlement percentage of 32.51%! Charles’ program turned a very bad financial situation post-divorce into probably the best financial situation I’ve been in. If you find yourself in a debt hole and something’s happened where you can’t find your way out, look into ZipDebt now; it’s the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself."

    Read Full Testimonial

    Jon, Do It Yourself Success Story

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